Unstained Apple Crates


These Unstained Apple Crates are made from local Eastern PA Poplar wood. The logs are cut locally and we air dry the lumber. The slats are fastened with a full round head steel nail. Since poplar comes in a variety of colors, from light blonde to green and purple, each crate has its own character. Most of the wood is a pale yellow or light green. If allowed to weather, over time they will fade and turn light gray, if exposed to significant weather.

You can stain them, paint them, or leave them "natural". If you want a weathered look, allow them to weather a bit, and then apply a clear coat. 

These are very solid crates and will hold a considerable amount of weight. They are fashioned after the crates used in local orchards, but have many different uses in your home or business. They make great supports for shelving, or just stack them for tons of storage. Use as end tables, or simple storage.

Construction is solid Poplar, with 3/8" thick x 1 1/2" wide slats, and a triangular brace in the corners.

Ready to stain, paint, or just leave unfinished and allow to weather. 

Note: Contact us for discounts on large orders We can also build custom sizes (may require a minimum order quantity). 

Unstained Apple Crates